Wednesday, November 26, 2014

He wrote about the sea, but all that came out was a dry desert.

I really have to work on my writing style and technique.  My writing is extremely dry and boring.  I have discovered that I tell too much and show very little.  Additionally, my characters show little of their personality and hardly ever speak.  I find that I narrate my stories almost completely and that is boring.

Having read countless articles and how-to's on this matter.  I think I've the solutions and fixes worked out.  I just need to work them out in my novels.  Presentation and timing in another issue.  In the current novel I'm working on, the main protagonist doesn't even appear until chapter 2.  Chapter one is spent entirely on describing the surroundings and the other characters related to the story.  There isn't even any dialogue until page 7 and that is short.  The dialogue picks up and the balance between narration and dialogue starts forming, but at this point, I have already lost the reader's attention.

I need to rework the beginning of the book.  It must instantly grab and hold the reader's interest.  I feel I did a beautiful job describing the scenery, but I doesn't need to be the first words.  I must rework it elsewhere in the story, So I removed the first two chapters and am starting the book where the action starts.  The characters description and scenery will be gradually worked in throughout the story as needed.

Major changes have already been made in the current Novel.  I changed the main protagonist from being a male to a female.  The story is about a viking slave desiring their freedom.  The character not only gains her freedom but becomes a legendary shield maiden.  There are plot twists, subplots, and turns to make it memorable tale.  I believe it to be a good story, it just needs to be written better.

Thoughts and frustrations from an aspiring writer....

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