Sunday, September 29, 2013

My Real Daddy is Dead

I heard the bathroom door swing open in the other room.
I looked on puzzled as I didn't hear anyone come home.  I was pretty sure nobody else was home.  After I heard the door swing all the way open, I heard it lightly tap against the wall as it did so.  No, I wasn't hearing things, that was definitely the bathroom door being opened.  I looked on into the vanity room and tried to see past the corner as I also strained to listen, half expecting my step-sister to come around the corner.

As I listened, I could hear a soft tapping on the tiled bathroom floor.  It was a light tapping sound that almost sounded like tiny foot steps walking heel-toe and it sounded like it was approaching and coming closer.
I sat up and reached over to turn on the small lamp that next to my bed on the night stand.  I turned it on, but the lamp didn't shine very bright with its low watt light bulb.   It shined enough light to see into the vanity room leading into the bathroom.

I looked into the barely lit vanity room and standing on the tile floor, just before the corner, was one of Monika's ceramic dolls.
I was instantly alarmed.  It definitely was one of those creepy ceramic dolls that she had lined up along her wall.
It was just standing there by itself as if it were alive and able to move around by itself.

I couldn't believe it.  Was I asleep and dreaming this?  No, I was awake and that thing was definitely standing there on the vanity floor looking at me.  Impossible!

Suddenly, while I was agape looking at this thing in disbelief, its head moved and it looked up directly at me.
It blinked its eyes a couple times and said, “my real daddy is dead.”

My heart sunk as I went suddenly into panic.  I was horrified.

The doll giggled then turned around by itself towards the bathroom and ran off into the darkness.

Except from "Shadow's Reach" by J.K. James
© 2013 J.K. James

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Rewriting a Fiction.

After having published my first fiction (I have written many non-fictions under various names), I have come to realize something.  Writing fiction is HARD.  When you write a non-fiction, you're writing about something specific.  It's information with data to back it up.  Your audience is simple in the non-fiction world, they already are seeking that information.  They look for the books specifically in it's genre.  You simply are doing the research for them and putting it all together so they can absorb it.

However, in the fiction work, things are much different.  And by different, I mean VERY different.  I thought I would simply, "tell a story."  Wrong.  It's not that simple.  When I wrote the book, I started off, telling my story.  Then I felt, gee, I must add more to this.  I didn't elaborate enough.  I didn't tell enough background to paint the picture for the reader's mind.  So I did so and ironically, I struggled with it.  I ended up with the first three chapters of nothing but background and setting up the story.  I failed miserably at this.  I immediately lost my reader's attention.  But, I thought I had to do this, otherwise I wouldn't be able to tell the story.  Without a background, how would you know the character and feel for him.  I wanted the reader to have empathy for the protagonist.  So I painfully wrote the background and set up.

What I lost when I did that was "the hook."  I immediately lost my reader's attention and desire to continue on.  I didn't hook them to the story right away as when I originally began writing the story.  That, "boom, something happened" to get their attention of what this story is going to be about and the desire to find out what happens next.

So I have deleted the first three chapters and have started the story, where I originally started.  There's that hook back where it belongs.  Getting the reader's attention and excitement built up right away and boosting their enthusiasm to continue reading.  The mistake I made by drawing out the character's background is gone now.  I will add pieces, here and there.  But I have found the reader relates better if they draw the character in their mind themselves.  They relate better and thus empathize with the protagonist.  Which is what I wanted in the first place.

Additionally, there are grammar issues I am fixing.  A few oopsies, where I had originally wrote the story in the third person and then decided to change it to the first person.  The final scenes were elaborate enough, which disappointed the reader who was worked up all the way to that point.  I am fixing that.  That was a carry over from non-fiction writing by laying out the facts of what happened instead of making it happen in the reader's mind.  So I am definitely repairing and rewriting that.  And then there's the ending.  I left them in a serious cliff hanger.  Not that cliff hangers are bad.  The intent was to make the reader question everything, if it were real or insanity.  Nice, but I left it hanging to sharp.  So I must fix that as well.  I left them dangling unfulfilled.

Just some thoughts on hard lessons learned and a progress report.

♥ JK James

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Darkness Attracted to Darkness

A Ouija board does not bring demons into your life, your cold heart and deeds do.

Being a paranormal / horror author and enthusiast, I make it my point to research all the World's beliefs and customs.  This also goes from having a bit of a psychological anthropology background.  I have read many myths, stories, tales, etc. regarding beliefs and the paranormal.  Additionally, I have listened to many tell their own personal stories.

One reality I have run across is that a majority of those that get haunted by persistent 'evil' spirits and/or demons have usually brought them into their lives by their thoughts and actions - or inactions.

Perhaps you haven't actually done anything evil, per se.  But did you allow something to happen or did you ignore it happening.  Were you not there when someone or something needed you?  A sense of darkness or apathy towards others. Merely laughing at the misfortune of others or at things you really shouldn't have and you know it.  Causing drama or participating in it on someone's already stressful life maybe.

You don't necessarily need to be playing with a Ouija board to attract darkness into your life.  You create it by embracing it yourself.  Even unknowingly so.  Evil begets evil, so why are you so surprised when something dark torments you?  You're the one that attracted it or even created it.

Ever notice that 'dark things' don't mess with and even ignore those that don't live dark lives?  We can pretend to be whomever and whatever we want in the eyes of those around us.  But darkness knows your real heart and seeks you out, no matter your religion or belief.

Just a truth I have noticed to be consistent in the World, regardless of the century, location, culture, or beliefs.  The stories are consistently all the same throughout history.

Just thoughts.

♥ J.K. James

Saturday, September 21, 2013

What is Scarier than Spiders?

Spiders vs Wasps

    Some things are simply scarier than simple spiders.  Imagine being paralyzed and having an egg placed in your stomach.  Then that hatched egg larva feeds on you from the inside until you eventually slowly die and allow it to emerge as an adult.  That's the fate of some spiders.

    The wasps in the family "pompilidae" which are commonly called "spider wasps" or "pompilid wasps"with some 5,000 species in six subfamilies.  All species of this wasp are solitary and will capture and paralyze their prey of living spiders.

    They paralyze the spider with a venomous stinger and a single egg is laid on the abdomen of the spider.  When the wasp larva hatches, it begins to feed on the still-living spider. After consuming the edible parts of the spider, the larva spins a silk cocoon and pupates, usually emerging as an adult the next summer. Some wasps lay the egg on a still-active spider, where it feeds externally on it.  In time, that spider will die, and the mature wasp larva will then pupate.

Some things of nature are simply scarier than spiders - even scary for the spiders.

Sleep well
♥ J.K. James

Writer's Challenge on G+

Writers Challenge on g+
Adrianna Joleigh

Hello everyone!!
My friend & fellow writer +David Kent, and I were talking and he brought up some brilliant pieces for writing prompts. This is just for fun!!! No wrong or right here. Just WRITE! get your juices flowing!! (hush)

-tell story using this prompt in 500 words or less_
-mention whether you're using Prompt 1 or 2
-post your story/poem/prose here on this thread. It needs to be on this thread in order for others to VOTE on it. If it isn't on here, we will miss it. (I'm going to need more thread)
-No need to use prompts word for word. Use the inspiration and create!
-DEADLINE: October 25th, 2013

Winner will be featured on my site promoting either their book or a selected favorite that they have written, for an entire month & recognized by thousands of world-wide fellow writers/authors

Feel Free to SHARE the post by *tagging friends in the comment box.  or sharing this link

Prompt choices:
#1 (a bit of a challenge)

''Sleet pinging against dark glass behind him, wind whipped leaves stampeding past his feet on the unlit path, an eerie howl screaming through the treetops; he knew he had trespassed against all reason and common sense, yet he walked further, bent against the storm, forward to meet his nightmare face-to-face.''

''The pain surprised her, she had thought it would hurt less this time.  Looking down, a tear fell from her cheek and disappeared into the pool of warm blood.  She knew she would have to find somewhere to wash.''



''Sleet pinging against dark glass behind him, wind whipped leaves stampeding past his feet on the unlit path, an eerie howl screaming through the treetops; he knew he had trespassed against all reason and common sense, yet he walked further, bent against the storm, forward to meet his nightmare face-to-face.''

Everything in his ever cowering soul desperately pleaded for him to turn and run away.  To flee away from it as he always had before.  But there was no turning back now.  Escape was impossible now as he could already feel the piercing of eyes burnt their hatred into him from behind and everywhere around him.  The pseudo safety that he had always fled to before was nothing but a vague memory now.  It no longer existed as his choice to flee was also nothing but a distant and forgotten illusion.

Every step he took forward was perilously paced with the desperate mind bending thumps that emitted of his faint craven heart.  He felt it pumping all the way up through his body and into his throat.  That heated dry taste of fear that stung his tongue and pulsed throughout his body.  He also felt the cold sweat of ghastly fear emit from him.  His exposed ears rang, both from the cold wind that painfully stabbed inside them and from the pressure of dread that taunted him.

His legs had become weakened with the ominous sense of ghoulish peril that tingled through his body as he painfully strained his eyes to look ahead into the frozen darkness that lay ahead.  The bite from the night's frigid cold wind stung into his eyes and made them feel like ice as they teared both from the cold and from the ever increasing angst that poured out from his very being.  He desperately tried to blink the blurred freezing tears away against the frigid raw cold that came into his eyes and caused his head to pound.

He continued to blindly tread forward towards the Cimmerian shade that was ahead of him until he knew he had no further to go.  He was explicitly aware that he was hopelessly alone as the darkness steadily grew and approached around him.  The eclipse crawled up to him from every direction and surrounded him.  Not even Death would have foolishly ventured into here.  He was without ally as the allegorical dance of shadows steadily began to circle around his feet.  Mocking his impeding doom as the air around him thickened and grew silent.

He no longer heard or felt the wintry bite from the frigorific wind that had previously tormented him as he became overwhelmingly blanketed by the despondence of gloom.  Every deep painful sense of remorse and regret that he had ever felt overcame him at once as he heard the sad voice of his long departed child call out to him from the darkness ahead, “Daddy?”

He pathetically trembled as he stood there, not wanting to look up as his woeful heart painfully sank.

- J.K. James

The Poem "Death"

The Poem "Death"

by J.K. James

 Defray Charon's conveyance, perdition hath;
 Empyrean weregilds perfidies, avarice, and wrath.
 Alight the underzeal to Ganga's midnight.
 Temperance lustrates the desecrations forbate;
 Heaved beyond Firmament will the Premier allocate.


The Poem Analyzed

The Poem


 Defray Charon's conveyance, perdition hath;
 Empyrean weregilds perfidies, avarice, and wrath.
 Alight the underzeal to Ganga's midnight.
 Temperance lustrates the desecrations forbate;
 Heaved beyond Firmament will the Premier allocate.

1st line: Defray Charon's conveyance, perdition hath;

Word meanings
Defray:   Provide money to pay (a cost or expense).
Charon:  The ferryman of the dead. Sometimes known as Death (you paid a coin for the ride).
conveyance:  a means of transport. (The ferryman transporting you).
perdition: (in Christian theology) A state of eternal punishment and damnation into which a sinful and unpenitent person passes after death.
hath:  Third person singular present tense of "have."
line 1: Defray Charon's conveyance, perdition hath;
Paraphrased 1: Having paid the Ferryman (or Death), Hell you have.
Paraphrased 2: Been paid, the Ferryman takes us to Hell. (**The Original Sin, all are damned to Hell)
 In Early Christian belief, it was assumed all went to Hell automatically due to the Original Sin by Adam and Eve.  Following this belief, the first verse is Death's conveyance automatically taking all to Hell as all were born bearing the Original Sin and unless saved, will be the destination (perdition hath (Hell have)).

The semicolon at the end is to link transitional phrases to connect closely related ideas.  Meaning the second line is apart of the first line.

2nd line: (continued from the first line) Empyrean weregilds perfidies, avarice, and wrath.

word meanings
Empyrean:  is the place in the highest heaven.
weregild:  was a value placed on every human being and every piece of property.  If property was stolen, or someone was injured or killed, the guilty person would have to pay weregild as restitution to the victim's family or to the owner of the property.  reparations.
perfidies:  the quality or state of being faithless or disloyal : treachery.
avarice:  Extreme greed for wealth or material gain.wrath: strong vengeful anger or indignation.
paraphrase 1:  Heaven demands reparations for the sins of perfidy, avarice, and wrath.
paraphrase 2:  Heaven demands reparations for the deadly sins of treachery (false witness), greed, vengeful wrath.
Lines 1 and 2 together: Defray Charon's conveyance, perdition hath; Empyrean weregilds perfidies, avarice, and wrath.
lines 1 and 2 paraphrased 1: Having paid the Ferryman (or Death) to Hell you must go because Heaven demands reparations for our sins.
lines 1 and 2 paraphrased 2: Damned for our sins against Heaven, Death carries us to Hell to pay.
 The second line is a continuation of the first line, mentioning Heaven's demand for payment of sin.  The second verse uses "weregild" meaning both a value on every life and reparations for that life.  The use of "weregild" implies first that you owe for the "Original Sin" as your life already has a worth or debt (a weregild).  The second verse continues by listing three of the seven deadly sins.  Meaning you also owe a debt for additional sins you may have committed.

line 3:  Alight the underzeal to Ganga's midnight.

 word meanings
Alight: to descend from or as if from the air and come to rest.
underzeal: fervor for a person, cause, or object; eager desire or endeavor; enthusiastic diligence; ardor.  Synonyms: intensity, passion.  To be filled with intense coveting.
Ganga: The River Ganges (India). Explanation: medieval knowledge of a spherical Earth. In the "Divine Comedy," Dante says, sunset at Jerusalem, midnight on the River Ganges (with the constellation Libra overhead there), and dawn in Purgatory.  I.E.  In Purgatory's Dawn, it would be Midnight time at the River Ganges, according to where Dante believed Purgatory was located.  In Medieval times, saying Sunset at Jerusalem or midnight at Ganga was referring to Purgatory.
Line 3 Paraphrased 1: The sinful coveters arrive in Purgatory.
 The third verse speak of being delivered to purgatory.  Dante mentioned, that Pagans whom lived righteous lives, yet did not know about Christ would go to Purgatory.  As they were not sinful or deserving to go to Hell, yet were not cleansed of the Original Sin by Christ to warrant going to Heaven.  So thus, they arrived into Purgatory to be cleansed and made worthy.  Purgatory also is the destination of the underzeal or overly desireful of material things.  Those that that did not commit Cardinal Sins, yet committed smaller sins, coveting, or sinful desires. Matthew 5:26 writes,"I tell you the truth, you will not get out until you have paid the last penny."  This the grounds for many Christians that they will spend a time in Purgatory (a mini Hell) until they have paid for all their sins and sinful desires.   Death's first destination is to take all to hell, then his next destination is to deliver those to purgatory whom do not warrant the punishments of Hell.

Line 4: Temperance lustrates the desecrations forbate;

 Word meanings
Temperance: moderation or self-restraint in action, statement, etc.; self-control.  Temperance or self-control is considered a virtue.
lustrate: Purify by ritual action: "a soul lustrated in the baptismal waters". To cleanse and purify.
desecration: to divest of sacred or hallowed character or office.  defile, violate, dishonor, pollute.
forbate: forbidden.
Line 4 paraphrased 1: Temperance cleanses forbidden sins.
After passing the perils of Hell and Purgatory, one is delivered to Heaven through Righteous means or "temperance."  As one has either led a Righteous life devoid of committing sins and has been cleansed of the Original Sin through Christ.  Or has already passed the Perils of being cleansed through Purgatory and now is ready for Heaven, having paid for their sins the hard way.  Heaven being listed in the last two verses follows the poem's theme as Hell and Purgatory are along the road of which you must first pass or avoid to reach Heaven.

Again, the Semicolon means line 4 is transitional of line 5

Line 5: Heaved beyond Firmament will the Premier allocate.

 Word meanings
Heaved: To raise or lift, especially with great effort or force.
Firmament: the vault of heaven; sky.
The Premier: First to occur or exist.  The Alpha, The Premier is the First One. God.
allocate: to set aside for a specified purpose.
Line 5 paraphrase 1: Lifted into Heaven, God will allow. Line 5 Paraphrase 2: God sets aside a place in Heaven.
Lines 4 and 5 together paraphrased 1: Righteousness cleanses your sin and God will lift you to your place in Heaven.

This poem is a acrostic, where the first letter in each verse are taken from the letters in the title in order spell out a word, phrase, etc..  In essence, Take a word, and write it vertically. Now write the poem "across", using the first letter from each letter of the word you wrote.
In this poem, the title, "Death", each letter in the word D-e-a-t-h begins on each word on each line Vertically.
D - Defray (Defray Charon's conveyance, perdition hath;)
E - Empyrean (Empyrean weregilds perfidies, avarice, and wrath.)
A - Alight (Alight the underzeal to Ganga's midnight.)
T - Temperance (Temperance lustrates the desecrations forbate;)
H - Heaved (Heaved beyond Firmament will the Premier allocate.)

The title, "Death," is also the theme as it applies in Judeo-Christian belief when one dies, they either go to Heaven, Hell, or Purgatory (or in limbo in some beliefs).  "Death" formed in acrostic style implies that death surrounds the poem's theme as the lines of the poem mention each place that death brings.  Death begins in each line as death brings us to each place the line speaks of, for Death is all around us and the only way to reach any of the destinations.

I apologize, I am very poor at explaining things and I hope you "got" it.  Or at least, the definitions and brief explanations led you to come up with your own evaluation and conclusion.

© J.K. James

Friday, September 20, 2013

The May 31st El Reno Tornado

May 31, 2013 El Reno twister was 4.3 miles wide.  El Reno tornado’s width was upgraded from 2.6 to 4.3 miles wide; making it a colossal “super tornado.”  BIGGEST in HISTORY.  The destructive force of 12 times the tornado that hit Joplin, Missouri in 2011.

Yet... Victims (us) of the El Reno tornado were NOT declared as a disaster area, Only Moore Oklahoma (which was a smaller tornado in comparison).  Because we were an insignificant small town.  So insurance DID NOT cover damages and we fell into the insurance clauses.  We lost everything.  Had to relocate halfway across the United States, starting over with nothing.  Been sleeping on the G-damn floor for a couple months now.  NO freaking Red Cross for us, no insurance will cover it, no TV commercials to help the victims. No self-righteous do-gooders gave a single damn. We were tossed to the side, thrown away and forgotten.  Not only us, but other towns affected like Carney, OK, which was literally wiped off the map.   An entire town gone - did you hear about them?  They weren't declared either.

The only thing we get is daily notifications of pay this and pay that, get your damage out of here or we will sue you (this happened to Moore home owners too).  We have been effectively destroyed, even though we paid up insurance and everything.  Because of the type pf damage, it is only covered if declared as a disaster area.  But the Governor and President decided...meh, fck them.  Send the banks and local government after them instead.  God bless this chithole of a nation, eh.
/unrant  Still can't break me, I don't give up as long as I still breathe.

For a quick chill.

A young girl is playing in her bedroom when she hears her mother call to her from the kitchen, so she runs downstairs to meet her mother. As she's running through the hallway, the door to the cupboard under the stairs opens, and a hand reaches out and pulls her in. It's her mother. She whispers to her child, "Don't go into the kitchen. I heard it too."

-Author unknown, but is scary good :)

The Angel