Sunday, September 22, 2013

Darkness Attracted to Darkness

A Ouija board does not bring demons into your life, your cold heart and deeds do.

Being a paranormal / horror author and enthusiast, I make it my point to research all the World's beliefs and customs.  This also goes from having a bit of a psychological anthropology background.  I have read many myths, stories, tales, etc. regarding beliefs and the paranormal.  Additionally, I have listened to many tell their own personal stories.

One reality I have run across is that a majority of those that get haunted by persistent 'evil' spirits and/or demons have usually brought them into their lives by their thoughts and actions - or inactions.

Perhaps you haven't actually done anything evil, per se.  But did you allow something to happen or did you ignore it happening.  Were you not there when someone or something needed you?  A sense of darkness or apathy towards others. Merely laughing at the misfortune of others or at things you really shouldn't have and you know it.  Causing drama or participating in it on someone's already stressful life maybe.

You don't necessarily need to be playing with a Ouija board to attract darkness into your life.  You create it by embracing it yourself.  Even unknowingly so.  Evil begets evil, so why are you so surprised when something dark torments you?  You're the one that attracted it or even created it.

Ever notice that 'dark things' don't mess with and even ignore those that don't live dark lives?  We can pretend to be whomever and whatever we want in the eyes of those around us.  But darkness knows your real heart and seeks you out, no matter your religion or belief.

Just a truth I have noticed to be consistent in the World, regardless of the century, location, culture, or beliefs.  The stories are consistently all the same throughout history.

Just thoughts.

♥ J.K. James

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