Sunday, September 29, 2013

My Real Daddy is Dead

I heard the bathroom door swing open in the other room.
I looked on puzzled as I didn't hear anyone come home.  I was pretty sure nobody else was home.  After I heard the door swing all the way open, I heard it lightly tap against the wall as it did so.  No, I wasn't hearing things, that was definitely the bathroom door being opened.  I looked on into the vanity room and tried to see past the corner as I also strained to listen, half expecting my step-sister to come around the corner.

As I listened, I could hear a soft tapping on the tiled bathroom floor.  It was a light tapping sound that almost sounded like tiny foot steps walking heel-toe and it sounded like it was approaching and coming closer.
I sat up and reached over to turn on the small lamp that next to my bed on the night stand.  I turned it on, but the lamp didn't shine very bright with its low watt light bulb.   It shined enough light to see into the vanity room leading into the bathroom.

I looked into the barely lit vanity room and standing on the tile floor, just before the corner, was one of Monika's ceramic dolls.
I was instantly alarmed.  It definitely was one of those creepy ceramic dolls that she had lined up along her wall.
It was just standing there by itself as if it were alive and able to move around by itself.

I couldn't believe it.  Was I asleep and dreaming this?  No, I was awake and that thing was definitely standing there on the vanity floor looking at me.  Impossible!

Suddenly, while I was agape looking at this thing in disbelief, its head moved and it looked up directly at me.
It blinked its eyes a couple times and said, “my real daddy is dead.”

My heart sunk as I went suddenly into panic.  I was horrified.

The doll giggled then turned around by itself towards the bathroom and ran off into the darkness.

Except from "Shadow's Reach" by J.K. James
© 2013 J.K. James

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