Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Novel "Darkness Reaching" closer to completion.

I am halfway through the deep editing/re-writing of "Darkness Reaching" - a paranormal horror novel.  I am surprised at the amount of errors I had in it.  Anyone that read the original must have thought I was an idiot.  I realize it shouldn't be of any surprise, after all I wrote its narration in the third person and then just before it was finished, I changed its narration to the first person.  This required noun, pronoun and verb changes throughout the book.  On my first go, I thought I had got them all changed and the sentences fixed.  But when you don't put it away for awhile, you tend to not notice all the sentences in err.

I dropped the pen name I originally had for the novel, "Nathan Kane."  I really didn't like that pen name and I don't know what compelled me to use it.  I decided to use my name, "J.K. James."  The copyright office knows the difference (that they are the same author holding rights).  As far as the title, I am not sure if I am going to keep "Darkness Reaching" or change it.  I haven't got a definitive answer if I change the author name in that I have to change the title as well, being 100% rights are retained (and the fact they are the same person).  I really like the title, "Darkness Reaching" and don't want to change it.  Another title name I have been thinking about for it is: "Shadow's Reach."  But it doesn't have the same effect I think.  The key to the title is it has to be original, as the book is a product.  It must jump out and perfectly label the story, which "Darkness Reaching" does whereas "Shadow's Reach" almost does.  Any other alternative title I have considered, really doesn't do it.

As I mentioned previous in older posts, I dropped the first three chapters.  Doing this, I got my "hook" back to lure the reader in wanting more and read the book.  The first edition, I had written three chapters of background and build up to the story.  This lost the attention of the reader, because quite frankly - it had some confusing and boring parts to it..  I also changed the twist in the story that I had that began in the first chapter that tied into the last chapter.  Many readers felt this left them hanging too much in a cliffhanger and left too many unanswered questions.  So I actually removed that from the story and changed it, so there is a resolution at the ending.  I won't say anymore about that as to not spoil it for anyone.

I also changed the flow of the story overall and dropped a lot of details I had previously had in it.  I did this to help the reader relate more with the main character by allowing them to "fill in the blanks" themselves.

Besides having a huge amount of grammar issues because of changing the narration style in the story, I have a really great story to tell.  One I believe will stick to people, years after they've read it.  My biggest problem was: I didn't tell it well enough.  I truly believe I have fixed all that and now have a truly enjoyable and great book now.  One people will have trouble putting down and be happy they read.

♥ J. K. James

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