Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Shadow's Reach Character Name

While proofreading and editing my latest novel, "Shadow's Reach," I couldn't help but to reflect on some of the names I chose for the characters.  One name in particular is a character in Chapter Four named, Jeshua Eiferer.

I know many won't find it as humorous as I do.  But this character is very religious and superstitious.  A born again Christian.  I am sure we've all met the type.  Jesus this and Jesus that.  Pray about everything and always trying to get you to pray with them and go to their church.  Anyways, his presence is introduced when a possessed object comes to play in the book.  I couldn't help tossing in a little comic relief to it, underhanded and slightly hidden as it may be.

The character is an extremely religious kind of person, so I named him "Jeshua Eiferer."  Jeshua is actually Jesus' real name.  It is considered to be the correct form in Hebrew and/or Aramiac of Jesus.  The name Jesus came about from several mistranslations.  Yeshua or Jeshua (sometimes spelled in English as Joshua) is Jesus.  For the book, I stuck with Jeshua.  His last name, Eiferer, is German for Zealot.

So the character's name "Jeshua Eiferer" literally translates to Jesus Zealot, or as often used in American English slang for a overzealous christian, "Jesus Freak."

There you have it.  I hope you don't take offense to it, but see the humor.  A little pun I snuck into my novel in Chapter Four.

The novel is a paranormal horror called, "Shadow's Reach by J.K. James" and will soon be released.  I decided to change some of the ending in it from a previously released edition (taken out of print currently).

©J.K James

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