Wednesday, November 27, 2013

40 Creepy Things said by Kids

Out of the blue, kids can say the creepiest things.  Here's a list of 40 of them.

1.  My daughter had an imaginary friend named Sally, she told me once about how Sally was in jail for chopping her mom’s head off…

2.  My daughter when we were home alone one night, “mommy, who’s that man on the ceiling?”

3.  “The shadow man keeps talking to me at my window.”

4.  I was reading a story to my daughter when she suddenly slammed it shut, point to the empty doorway, and screamed “you get out of here! You’ve killed enough people!”

5.  “Daddy, when can we get rid of that kid hanging in my closet?” I asked her what she was talking about and she told me all about a teenage boy who was hanging by a belt around his neck in her closet. I went to her closet there was nothing there, and she said he only is there when I’m not around.

6.  “There are three dead kids buried in our back yard. They told me where we can find them.”

7.  “Mommy, there’s a kid covered in blood in my bedroom and he won’t go away.”

8.  My 4 year old shook me awake one night and asked if she could sleep with me because tonight the old woman at the window was being mean for some reason.

9.  An 8 year old I used to teach had a hard time with eye contact and appropriate touch. He looked me straight in the eyes one morning, not missing a beat, and told me, “you know, I think you’d look a lot better if you were dead in my basement.”

10.  “Mom, why is that lady from the cemetery sitting in my room?”

11.  Two nights ago after I put my son to bed. I heard talking come from his room. I found him standing in the corner in the pitch black saying, “stop tickling me! Stop tickling me!”

12.  “I watch you sleep at night then I go back to my room.”

13.  Just a couple of months ago, my two year old daughter and I were in her darkened bedroom as she was getting ready to sleep. Like any kid new to numbers, she loves to count. So she pointed to herself and then me, counting, “One, two…” before jumping up and pointing around the empty room. “Three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten! TEN PEOPLE!” she yelled proudly.

14.  My son was about two and a half - three years old and we had just moved into a new house. He was playing in the living-room, his father and I were sitting on the couch when he tripped, I dove to catch him but mid fall he stood right back up. I hadn’t touched him. As he stood up he said “thanks.” I asked him who he was thanking and he said “grandma. She caught me.” As he ran away there was a single ring of smoke by where he was standing and the whole living-room started to smell like cigarette smoke. About 30 minutes later his dad’s Mom (my sons grandmother) called to tell him that his grandma (my son’s great grandma) had passed away that morning. It was definitely creepy!

15.  Last night I was sitting on the porch and my seven year old said “do you feel like someone is watching you”, I said “yeah, you!” He said “no, like out there” and pointed toward the street. We live in the sticks so its dark and you can’t see crap. Needless to say my night on the porch was over!

16.  My three year-old and I were home all alone. We were walking around the house doing various things. Eventually we went into the basement. After we had been downstairs for a few minutes he stopped suddenly. Then he said, “Hey, why didn’t the man come with us downstairs? ” I was like, “Who?” He said, “The guy that was just with us upstairs. How come he didn’t come downstairs too?”

17.  My daughter at age four was screaming at the wall one night then screaming for me to make the man go away. I told her I couldn’t see the man so she had to tell him. So she screamed at him to go away. She then told me the man had long black hair and red eyes.

18. I bolted awake in the middle of the night because I heard a woman’s voice say my name. My four year old bolted up at the same time. He looked up and said “mommy, who was that?” My grandma died in our bedroom.

19. My niece puts her hand on my wife’s pregnant belly and says,”Your baby is gonna die.”.

20.  My family and I went on a trip to Gettysburg, PA when my daughter was four and son was six. The Battle of Gettysburg was the bloodiest battle of the civil war…the whole town is hallowed ground, lots of death and blood. Well, anyway, we were on our way home and talking about our favorite part of the trip. My daughter said her favorite part of the trip was “seeing the soldier on the horse in the field”. The issue is: there was no soldier on the field, or horse. We were not there during any reenactments, and never seen anyone dressed up riding a horse!

21.  When my son was four, I colored him a Winnie the Pooh picture and put it on the fridge, while he was sleeping. When he woke the next morning I said “I made you something” he said “I know, I saw you ” I asked him “you saw me what?” He said “you colored me a picture” I asked how he knew he said “I saw you when I was sleeping” kinda creeped me out.

22.  My daughter, age seven, to her school counselor: “I was born to hurt people.”

23.  “There’s a man and woman that live in our house. They follow me to school sometimes.”

24.  One night my daughter who was then 5 got into bed with me, after both of us going back to sleep I had a terrible nightmare where I was a murderer…anyway I woke up in the morning and was thinking about my dream when my daughter woke up and looked at me and said ‘Mummy I had a dream that you were killing people”

25.  “Mommy, you are going to die tomorrow.” ‘My child – age 3′

26.  My kids ( ages 5,4,&3) are constantly talking about the “bloody girls” in their rooms. They each go into detail about them. Their names… Their clothes, what they talk about. It started when my oldest had just turned three. He said that they had been in a small green car, that fell in the water. The water turned red and their mommy and daddy were really sad. He said they liked their rooms because they have fun toys.

27.  Two years ago my door bell rang. When I answered there was a little kid 4 or 5 standing there that I didn’t recognize. Before I could say anything, she yelled “just so you know it’s your turn to die!” and she disappeared around the corner again. I followed but couldn’t see her anywhere. Luckily I didn’t die.

28.  My son was crying in bed at 3 am and tells us he is afraid because there is a man in his bed. We ask him about the man and tell him to ask the man to go away. The following day he tells us the man’s name is Frank…my husband’s uncle who died the night before. Also later that week we were driving along in our van in complete silence and my son said “Frank’s here.”

29.  My son was crying in his room saying mummy Elmo keeps talking to me, I went in his room and tickle me Elmo was laughing…..ummm he had no batteries!!

30.  My six year old was crying in her bedroom. It took lots of asking and she finally told me that a strange man had shown up and told her that I would be dead before midnight.

31. “Aren’t you gonna say hi to Uncle Chris ?” By my 3 year old when I was watching her jumping on the trampoline….Uncle Chris drowned in the lake 9 years before she was even born, and nobody in our family talks about it, ever. I asked her where he was and she pointed to the garage and said ” He tells me to be careful ” Whoa….

32. As she pointed to the old wood stove in the middle of our front room: “Jimmy said that was where he did it.” I asked her who Jimmy was and what he was talking about, she said “Jimmy is the guy who comes and talks to me at night. He said he killed his mom right there.” My daughter was five.

33. “I’m watching you make my sandwich so that when you die I will know how to do it.”

34.  My two-year-old said there is a fairy in his room. He points to the corner with the air conditioner. He says it most nights. One day I was showing him some old family photos. I show him one of my mother and he points to it and says, “Fairy fairy bedroom.” The photo was of my mum as a girl. She died 4 years ago.

35.  When I was 3, I was sleeping in my parents bed when I sat straight up and asked “Mommy who is that man in the corner?” She was terrified. This happened every night until she went to the corner and talked to him asking him to leave us alone because he was scaring me. Still believe in ghosts because of this.

36.  My kid was in the bathtub one night with the bathroom door open and I was puttering around in the next room. She called out and said “hey mommy, who was that blue guy who just walked down the hall?” She said he was tall and thin and featureless like “the shape of those men on the bathroom door like at a restaurant”. Creeped me out!

37.  My little brother said something eery to my grandma.  “I like this mummy better than my last mummy. My last mummy locked me in a room and I drank some paint and died.”

38.  My son was two. He was in a pattern of waking us up at about 5:00 am every morning. One morning I took him downstairs and plopped him in front of the TV so I could try to go back to sleep for about 30 minutes on the couch (right by him).  I woke up a few minutes later and he was standing in the foyer, pointing into the kitchen, laughing. He then said, “Mommy is floating in the kitchen.”  I didn’t think much of it…went back to sleep for a bit.  About 30 minutes later his mom came downstairs having just woken up, saying she “had one of those weird dreams where she flew out of her body, went downstairs and found herself in the kitchen.”

39.  I had a music teacher, who took his 4-year-old daughter to an old theatre in Alaska. She started crying immediately when she walked in, so he took her outside – and she stopped crying. He took her back in, she started crying again, so he took her outside again. He asked why she was crying, and she said: “That’s where the people with no eyes watch you.”

40.  My son was 3 when I was tucking him into bed one night and he said, “Mommy what’s that big thing?” I replied, “What thing, baby?” Then he said, “That big thing right behind you”  I knew there was nothing right behind me but a wall, I just did the scumbag mom thing and backed out of the room and shut the door. He wasn’t scared of ‘that big thing’ but I sure as hell was… creepy kids!

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